What We Do: Making a Difference

Wondering what happens at Outside Lives? We've got 5 wholesome programs, all interconnected:

Growing Skills, Volunteer Progression Programme: Our volunteers are the heart of Outside Lives. We get to know them, understand their goals, and figure out how we can help them achieve those goals. Volunteers operate throughout Outside Lives, contributing to events, managing woodlands, or supporting with admin – there’s something for everyone. Click Here

Wellness for All: This program is for those needing extra support right now. If you’re looking to make positive changes in your life, we’re here for you. This program involves creating a bespoke plan, unique to you, to make those changes.

Community Events: Join our regular ‘Community Socials’ every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at various locations. Each day has a different theme, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Our ‘Pop-up’ events include exciting projects like food-sharing events, tree planting days, woodland walks, and pop-up cinemas. These happen at our HQ and various locations, providing fun and creative opportunities. 

Private Events: We deliver well-being days for teams and groups, either at our HQ or other locations. Offering various workshops and activities for schools, corporates, friends, and families, every event is tailor-made based on people’s needs and wishes. Click Here

Training: Our training programs align with our mission to build stronger, healthier, and happier communities. All our training supports the work at Outside Lives. We want to share our learning and knowledge, supporting transferrable skills and promoting good practice, all thanks to our inspiring training team. Click Here

We’re all about positive action! Engaging in initiatives, learning and growing, inspiring others, and connecting people is what we do best.

The Eco-Systems: Connecting People Through Shared Interests

At Outside Lives, we unite individuals based on their passions, fostering mini-communities within our vast network.

Like-minded Connections

Our platform facilitates connections, allowing people, no matter their age or ability, to create meaningful bonds with others who share similar interests.

Community-Driven Groups

Each group is crafted by our diverse community, providing a space for everyone to share and discuss what matters most to them.

Supportive Spaces

These groups aren't just spaces; they're supportive, kind, and respectful communities where we learn and grow together.

For the Community, By the Community

Groups are created by the community, run them them and help to keep them thriving.

Diverse Group Offerings:

We’ve got a fantastic array of groups tailored to people’s interests, all created by our community, for our community:

  • ‘Handy and Capable’ for on-site care, construction, maintenance, and creative projects.
  • ‘Grub Hub’ for all things nutrition, food, and cooking.
  • ‘Art Box’ for various art and creative groups covering craft, painting, knitting, sewing, and upcycling.
  • ‘Green Room’ for music, storytelling, performance, photography, and film enthusiasts.
  • ‘Wild Tribe’ for forest school, woodland sessions, greenwood working, and conservation.
  • ‘Dig In’ for garden lovers and those passionate about growing fruits and vegetables.
  • ‘Wellness Hub’ for holistic well-being, including yoga, massage, sound baths, reiki, reflexology, and cacao ceremonies.
  • ‘YOLO’ Adventure groups exploring woods, sailing, or climbing mountains.

There truly is something for everyone. If it’s not covered, just let us know, and we’ll quite likely be able to connect you with someone else who shares your interest. That’s how it all begins!

 Getting Involved: Interested? If joining feels a bit daunting, we’re here to chat about Outside Lives and help you take the plunge! CLick Here