An Introduction To Co-Production
Our co-production course focuses on individuals and professionals working together, as equals, to deliver positive change. This workshop has been co-designed by individuals, families and professionals passionate about delivering positive change.
My Life, My Risk.
Taking responsibility for the risks we might take in our lives is something that is denied for many. This course is focussed on how we can best support people to take considered risks in their lives, to help enable independence and allow individuals to live fulfilled lives.
Asset Based Approaches
Our Asset Based Approaches Course is designed to introduce you to a range of approaches that, used together can transform our communities and the way our organisations work.
Appreciative Inquiry (AI)
A tried and tested way of engaging people to drive forward positive change and improvement, focusing on what's working rather than focusing on problems.
Co Production In Practice
As a follow-on to our 'Let's Go Co Pro' Workshop, these sessions allow you to look at how you can put your project ideas into action over 4 interactive weeks.
The I-Team
One of the keys to good health and wellbeing is the quality of our relationships, sometimes known as our Circle of support or friends. This course is designed to help you create and strengthen important relationships.