Lucy Powell

Lucy spent many years as a Social Worker before she decided to take another path. Using her expert knowledge in Social Care, combined with a passion for the environment and nature, Lucy founded Outside Lives Ltd in 2018.

Roger Rowett

Roger has enjoyed a long career in social care and education and has been using the concept of AI in his work for more than 10 years.

Anastacia Ackers

Anastacia is a theatre practitioner, writer, and facilitator from Flintshire. She is passionate about using the arts as a catalyst for social change and her work explores socio-political issues alongside utilising the arts and their benefits on individual and community health.

Justin Melluish

Justin is an Actor and Friend of Outside Lives who brings first hand experience to his role as a course supporter.

Karin Melluish

Karin is a full time carer to her son, Justin and is passionate about inclusion and equality. Karin brings first hand experience to the courses she supports here at Outside Lives