Welcome to Outside Lives HQ: Spaces and Places

At Outside Lives, we take pride in our wonderful rural site, featuring an array of carefully crafted Spaces and Places. What sets us apart is our commitment to sustainability — many of these spaces have been developed from repurposed and recycled materials, giving new life to items that would have otherwise ended up in landfills.

Diverse Environments, Purposeful Design

Our site showcases a variety of spaces, each serving a distinct purpose. From tranquil nature havens to dynamic workshop space, every area has been thoughtfully designed to cater to different needs. Whether you’re seeking a serene retreat or an interactive learning environment, Outside Lives HQ has the perfect space for you.

Versatile Spaces

Each space at Outside Lives HQ operates independently, yet they come together seamlessly, offering the flexibility to be hired individually or collectively to create a customised experience. Whether you’re hosting a workshop, retreat, or a community gathering, our site adapts to your needs, offering a range of possibilities for a memorable event.

Come and explore the diversity of Outside Lives HQ, where every space tells a story of sustainability, purpose, and connection with the great outdoors.

Outside Lives Sitemap
Our site is set in 5-acres of ancient woodland in the hillside gardens of Aberduna Hall, Gwernymynydd. The site itself continues to evolve all the time and is packed full of exciting spaces and places, all of which are used to provide a natural and sustainable base for our activities.
Our Compost Loos
As we are a rural site who is also focused on sustainability, we use compostable loos on our site. This means that instead of flushing, waste is composted. These are very hygienic and simple to use… you just need to remember to use them slightly differently to a normal toilet.
The Polytunnel
No.6 on our site map // Our polytunnel is a recent addition to the site and was made possible thanks to funding from FLVC. This fantastic new space is central to our community garden, something that is now starting to take shape thanks to our fabulous (and handy!) volunteers.
The Shelter
No.1 on our site map // Our Shelter is a purpose-built structure made from repurposed, gifted, and natural materials. Developed with funding received from Comic Relief and FLVC, this is a multi-functional space that can be used for a variety of uses...
The Yurt
No.2 on our site map // Our Mongolian Yurt is our newest structure and was made possible thanks to funding received from National Lottery Community Fund. This is a fantastic, tranquil, and ultra-calming space can be used for a variety of activities and events...
The Office
No.3 on our site map // Our office is the epitome of recycled design. Created entirely from recycled, gifted, and unwanted materials, we have created a standalone office and meeting space to house our growing team. Whilst used for general day to day,.
The Woodland Glade & Sitting Circle
No.4 on our site map // Our woodland glade and sitting circle, otherwise known as our fairy glen and just as magical as you’d imagine. Set deep in our woodland, we use this space with its glorious tall trees and natural tree canopy ....
The Cabin & Outdoor Kitchen
No.5 on our site map // Our cabin is like stepping back in time. A fabulous handcrafted wooden structure that is as beautiful as it is cosy. As with all our structures on site, this is crafted from recycled and gifted materials, as well as wood from our own woodland..
The Wildlife Garden & Pond
No.7 on our site map // This area is ongoing area of development on site comprising of many smaller projects. Our aim is to re-wild as much of the area in front of the office as possible and to also drain and re-establish the original Victorian pond to encourage...