Singing in the Rain is a multi-faceted project that explores life living with dementia and the importance of the outdoors on our physical and mental wellbeing.

Featuring films, workshops, podcasts and bonus content, we aim to get our community talking about dementia – the stereotypes and how we combat them, the people leading the way for change and the amplification of the voices of those living with dementia.

I have so enjoyed the ‘Singing in the Rain’ workshop. Such great ideas to bring the benefits of the outdoors to people living with dementia.


Working alongside our wonderful volunteer, Teresa Davies, who lives with dementia, we are aiming to build an inclusive community that has increased dementia awareness and one which looks at what we can do both on an individual and a community level to platform the voices of those living with the condition.

Taking inspiration also from Teresa herself and her brilliant allotment, we know that nature is a powerful remedy for relieving some of the stress that a dementia diagnosis can bring. We hope to cultivate a better relationship with the outdoors for our community.



Lockdown has been tough for many, our interactive workshop looks at the small things we can do to develop a big relationship with nature. Through interactive activities, and a resource pack, we aim to get you and those you care for reaping the wellbeing benefits of reconnecting with the natural world.

The aim of this workshop is to encourage people to explore the benefits of the outdoors, such as the nature on our doorsteps and the adventures in our back gardens.

Mum is in a care home & it has been such a distressing experience for all of us – but particularly Mum. Growing up, she loved being outdoors, & felt claustrophobic inside – we always had a window open. She has been inside now for 11 months and hates window visits as she feels it’s a barrier. Spending time outdoors is absolutely vital for human beings. As my mum says, being trapped inside is ‘only existing’. To thrive we ‘need’ nature.

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