When We Do Stuff: Save the Dates!

Mark your calendars! Outside Lives is on a mission, and our commitment is year-round. Alongside our Regular Community Days every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, [LINK NEEDED] we have all sorts of pop-up events [LINK NEEDED]. It’s important to keep an eye out for what’s coming up because there’s always something new going on!

👀 Keep an eye on our events page for updates and new events, activities, and workshops being added weekly: Outside Lives Events. Another way to stay connected is by joining our mailing list here, so you get to hear firsthand about the exciting new stuff we have planned.

Remember, we are always up for a conversation about new initiatives. Our aim is to grow initiatives from our community, turning your ideas into action! So please, if you have an idea, let us know. We might just be able to connect you with others who share your interests and help get something off the ground—no matter how big or small! Stay tuned for upcoming events