Parking onsite is limited and so we encourage the use of car shares and the use of public transport where it is possible to do so. We understand that Covid-19 has made travel much more difficult to do for some recently. 

When you arrive on site, keep left and park under the trees, making sure that you leave space for others to park and room for other vehicles to pass as this is the only way onto the site so access is vital.


When you arrive on site we will need you to make your way to the meeting point to sign in. The meeting point is the open shelter (situated next to office). We will meet all visitors here unless agreed otherwise.


We require all visitors to site to sign in. This is important so that we can keep a track of who’s on site at any given time, we’ll need you to provide your emergency contact details on the signing in sheet, which you will find at the meeting point (this is a mandatory Health & Safety requirement)


As part of our commitment to keeping people safe on site and helping to ensure there is no transmission of Covid-19 onsite, we also require everyone to confirm that they are well on arrival to site, part of this is a forehead temperature check which we will need to add to the signing in sheet. This is a very simple check, but one that is a mandatory part of our signing in process.

You can find more information on our Covid-19 guidance here.


As part of our familiarisation project, ‘Basecamp’, we’ve teamed up with Friend and Volunteer, Mark Poland (of Happy News fame!) to create a fun, simple and informative walkthrough of all the places on site here at OL so you can get a feel for the map before you visit!

Join us as we take a walk through our glorious woodland site and visit all the wonderful spaces and places we have to offer.