For all people and things… It’s how we roll.

Please be mindful that there may be other people/groups onsite enjoying the facilities at the same time as you. We would ask therefore that you are respectful of all other users and groups and that we share the space sensibly and safely.

The Outside Lives site belongs not just to us, but also to the creatures and plants who live there too. Please be respectful of their home. You can do this by staying on the designated pathways, using the composting facilities provided and ensuring that any rubbish is recycled / binned or taken home with you.


Safety and other onsite rules must be observed at all times. We are pretty easy going folk and as such, we try to keep rules to a minimum to make sure you have a fun, relaxing and brilliant time with us on site. There are however, some rules that are especially important, especially where your health and safety and that of others on site is concerned. 

We are a rural site, and whilst provisions are made for pathways etc, please remember that rain can make the site more difficult to navigate. Please make sure that you dress appropriately (for all weathers) and that you stay on the pathways provided around the site.


Whilst we love dogs and have dogs on site, we would prefer that if you are visiting site, dogs are only brought with you if you have no other option and provided that your dog is friendly towards both people and other animals. If you do bring a dog to site, you are responsible for them and must remain with them at all times. If your dogs toilet on site, it’s important that you scoop their poop and dispose of this waste in the nearest poo bin – we operate a 100% picking regime on site – no flicking please! 


Please refer to our Covid-19 guidance here.


All smoking, including that of e-cigarettes, is permitted only in the designated onsite smoking area.


We are host to many individuals of varying ages and abilities. For safeguarding reasons, we ask that you please refrain from taking pictures or videos when on site unless specific permission is given and especially that these are not posted to social media without permission.


Please leave no trace! We try and limit our waste as much as possible so please use the dedicated rubbish onsite bins for recycling and composting. Where possible, we ask that you please take your rubbish home with you.